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Edmund Farrar

A really interesting mix of the latest in clinical medicine, scientific research and digital health.
Edmund Farrar MD • Oto Health


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Educational material on the basics of digital health. Learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, privacy and more (coming soon).


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Search a library of Slovenian digital health companies and get a taste of how digital health is developing in Slovenia.

Paulina Cecuła

Great content for anyone interested in the future of medicine. It helps me stay on top with interesting perspectives on an impressive range of topics.
Paulina Cecuła • Medical Student • Dama Health

Hugo Duarte

Unique and very informative. A must for anyone in the healthcare field who cares about the impact of technology in the future.
Hugo Duarte • Diagnostic Radiographer • Track Athlete

What is digital health?

Digital health is using new technologies to make healthcare more personalised, precise and accessible.

At the same time, it's allowing doctors to get better insights, more data and treat patients better.

There's no denying that this is the future healthcare is developing towards. And that's why it's so important to follow this field.


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