Autonomous EU

A Lithuanian company received regulatory clearance for ChestLink. A reasonable step by the EU!

Autonomous EU
Photo by CDC / Unsplash

The response to the short email last week was pretty good. So, there’s no reason for me not to continue it.

This one brings:

  • Some news from the EU.
  • Tools for developing web3.
  • A Polish app.

📸 Autonomous EU

Oxipit, a Lithuanian company, received EU regulatory clearance for ChestLink, a tool that “identifies chest X-Rays without abnormalities and produces finalised patient reports without any intervention from the radiologist”.

This potentially greatly reduces the amount of monotonous work radiologists must perform and lets them focus on identifying pathological characteristics of medical imaging. A reasonable step by the EU!

However, there haven’t yet been any peer-reviewed publications using this tool, which is a significant drawback. To gain a more objective perspective, Hardian Health published a brilliant essay on the matter.

👨‍💻 Where is web3?

It’s incredible how little gets published about blockchain/web3 in healthcare. At the same time, it’s impressive that my latest article about itranks top 3 on Google for keywords similar to this one.

However, there are two web3 projects interesting to me, indirectly connected to healthcare. They’re called thirdweb and Alchemy, which let developers (more) easily build web3 apps. Such tools remove barriers to web3 development, especially since building with Ethereum is quite hard (so I heard). That’s why I’m optimistic that we will eventually see an increase in web3 apps for healthcare.

🧘‍♀️ Mindgram

TechEU reported that Mindgram, a Polish startup, raised €7 million to expand beyond Polish borders. They develop an app-based service that provides coaching to employees regarding well-being, work-life balance, mental health, safety and security, development and inclusiveness. It’s different from most mindfulness apps as it considers more than just mental health and focuses on employees. More on their website.