Mashup of MashUps on a Monday

Not your usual Sunday MashUp. It was sent on a Monday and it doesn't contain all the usual resources. Instead it includes previous issues.

Mashup of MashUps on a Monday

This is the first time I didn’t send an email on Sunday and doesn't contain all the usual resources. Because there was no time, I instead decided to make a list of the 3 best issues so far (in some way or another).

Let’s call it a reflection of the past 4 months - a mashup of MashUps. I’m going back to normal for #18 when the exam frenzy stops.

All of them are available online, where you can read them for free.

Here’s the list.

Issue #15 - Detraining, Confusion and the Blood-Brain Barrier


One of the latest issues that’s also one of my favourites. I normally write about and share resources about exercise and training, but went in the complete opposite direction with this one. It makes it that much more interesting.

After reading some tweetstorms I combined some resources about WHO’s action before and during the pandemic, which in light of many professionals came under fire.

Lastly, I found a research paper that reconstructed the blood-brain barrier and found a possible missing piece between the APOE4 gene and Alzheimer’s disease.

Issue #9 - LeBron James, Surgery,, Google and Mindfulness


Number nine started with a short discussion and podcast on what makes LeBron James great at 35 years old. It’s his trainer and how diligent they are when it comes to his physical and mental condition.

There’s also an article from a medical student about why he won’t become a surgeon, which is worth reading whether you’re planning to be one or not (and whether you’re a medical student or not).

Tech in medicine plays an ever bigger part in it and rightfully so is frequently present in this newsletter. This one featured a company named, whose technology was used to identify COVID-19 related symptoms. The other part was Google and what its plan for healthcare is.

Finally, I asked myself why is mindfulness so beneficial? How does it even work? So I dug up some articles I thought could be useful in giving reasons why.

Issue #5 - Prevention, Sleep, Lactate, Range and Biohacking


I added some of my latest ones, but here’s one of the earliest ones. Firstly, there were some great successes on the HIV front. The prevention of mother-to-child transmission achieved significant benefits in just 7 years.

The time was about right to also share some effects the transition to the daylight savings time has on us. From heart attacks to car crashes. The other thing connected to sleep was blue light, how it affects it and how we can all reduce its effects.

Lactate is the most important marker for measuring sports performance and I shared an awesome Peter Attia podcast about it. They go over all major aspects of exercise, mitochondria, lactate and more.

The last 2 resources in this issue were added more for fun than anything else. The first one is a great representation of how knowledge is connected and what generalism means. The second is about how our DNA could be hacked.