The huge amounts of data we collect is constantly being processed and used in diagnostics and prevention. There will only be more of it.

Data Feb 08, 21

Improving Public Health Screening With Technology

It seems like we’re collecting and analysing data on every step of our way. The biggest opportunity for public health screening programs lies in wide-spread data collection and analysis.

Precision Medicine Jan 11, 21

In Silico Clinical Trials

Medical school teaches us there are in vitro and in vivo clinical trials. But the trend is going towards in silico - trials without human patients.

Solutions Jan 03, 21

Why Should Medical Students and Doctors Learn to Code?

Coding doesn't appear to have a lot in common with medicine. But the pandemic is showing us how valuable this knowledge is. This issue attempts to look at why coding is so beneficial for medical students and doctors.

Artificial Intelligence Dec 08, 20

How DeepMind Solves 3D Structures of Proteins?

Scientists were trying to solve this one problem for 50 years. And we have the privilege to live in an era in which it was solved. Scientists can now computationally determine the 3D structures of proteins.

Sleep Oct 19, 20

Sleep Management With Tech

Sleep is our superpower. Sleep tech is more accessible than ever. And the lockdowns are the perfect time to manage and improve our sleep. But for that, we need data.

Metabolism Oct 05, 20

Blood Glucose Management With Tech

Diabetes prevalence is already a pandemic and it will just get worse. Doctors alone don't stand a chance against ever growing numbers of diabetics. Tech might be the answer.

Exercise Sep 27, 20

Wellness as a Service

Wellness as a service (WaaS) is fitness and wellness on your phone, on-demand. The popularity and options just grew during the pandemic.

Privacy Sep 20, 20

There’s No Social Dilemma

There's no dilemma about social media. It can be great, but it's also incredibly addicting and can have serious health consequences. On top of that, our privacy is at stake.