Research will be changed fundamentally by going digital. In the near future, some trials will even be made without human participants.

Precision Medicine Jan 11, 21

In Silico Clinical Trials

Medical school teaches us there are in vitro and in vivo clinical trials. But the trend is going towards in silico - trials without human patients.

Solutions Jan 03, 21

Why Should Medical Students and Doctors Learn to Code?

Coding doesn't appear to have a lot in common with medicine. But the pandemic is showing us how valuable this knowledge is. This issue attempts to look at why coding is so beneficial for medical students and doctors.

Artificial Intelligence Dec 08, 20

How DeepMind Solves 3D Structures of Proteins?

Scientists were trying to solve this one problem for 50 years. And we have the privilege to live in an era in which it was solved. Scientists can now computationally determine the 3D structures of proteins.

Artificial Intelligence Sep 13, 20

Artificial Intelligence In Clinical Trials

New standards for designing trials that include AI were introduced in top journals. CONSORT-AI and SPIRIT-AI are the start of a new era in clinical trials.