Innovative solutions in digital health are emerging all around the world with the help of a myriad of different areas.

Virtual Care Apr 01, 21

How To Practice Medicine Online

The tech world is obsessed with digital nomads. This is a little more difficult to achieve in healthcare. But still, there are options.

Solutions Mar 03, 21

Netflix Is Entering Digital Health

The other day I was browsing what to watch on Netflix and had a thought. I think Netflix might become a new digital channel for “conveying” health.

Data Feb 08, 21

Improving Public Health Screening With Technology

It seems like we’re collecting and analysing data on every step of our way. The biggest opportunity for public health screening programs lies in wide-spread data collection and analysis.

Coronavirus Jan 17, 21

How Tech Stood Up Against COVID-19?

It’s about one year since the SARS-CoV-2 was first identified. And I know we’ve been reading and hearing about it from all perspectives. Even on several occasions in my newsletters. There’s been a lot of hype in those issues. Now it’s time to sober up a bit!

Solutions Jan 03, 21

Why Should Medical Students and Doctors Learn to Code?

Coding doesn't appear to have a lot in common with medicine. But the pandemic is showing us how valuable this knowledge is. This issue attempts to look at why coding is so beneficial for medical students and doctors.

Brain Nov 23, 20

Using Technology For Battling Dementia

Leveraging technology for battling dementia is a good idea. Especially given that we know next to nothing about how to treat it the old fashioned way. Might as well use tech.