Well-being isn't just caused by digital health. It's also made worse by adopting more and more of it and forgetting we're human. Balance is everything.

Solutions Mar 03, 21

Netflix Is Entering Digital Health

The other day I was browsing what to watch on Netflix and had a thought. I think Netflix might become a new digital channel for “conveying” health.

Data Feb 08, 21

Improving Public Health Screening With Technology

It seems like we’re collecting and analysing data on every step of our way. The biggest opportunity for public health screening programs lies in wide-spread data collection and analysis.

Brain Nov 23, 20

Using Technology For Battling Dementia

Leveraging technology for battling dementia is a good idea. Especially given that we know next to nothing about how to treat it the old fashioned way. Might as well use tech.

Virtual Care Oct 25, 20

Virtual Care Beyond the Pandemic

Virtual care took a steep and unexpected turn during the pandemic. As a result, the changes will not go away so easily. And that's a good thing.