The most important reason for this is independence. I will never rely on sponsors and ads to keep going. This would make me dependent on them and would thus decrease the quality of the issues. The last thing any of us want is to be deprived of our personal beliefs and not send out quality content. This issue is even more important in medicine as it should be based on trust and integrity of information.

Instead of being dependent on others, I'm dependent on you. Because of that I know I have to keep showing up and produce quality content. It also gives me a chance to get better. By paying, you have every right to give me appropriate (positive or negative!) feedback to improve Medical Notes and keep you satisfied.

Being a paid publication also gives me a chance to invest in infrastructure and never stop improving this website. The user experience on it will thus always be top-notch: fast, reliable, secure and beautiful. The information I gather for every issue are not just from free sources, but also from premium ones. These include books, media outlets, textbooks and other publications. Instead of you paying big bucks to access them, I select the best of the best and make them better. In other words, I have trust in paid publications because I know they produce great content. And that's what I want to build on.

Last but not least, by being a subscriber, I ensure to keep your data safe. The last thing I want to do is being another one of those "free" websites that collect huge amounts of data and sell them. This is not happening with this publication as I don't have to rely on selling data.