Medical Notes focuses on digital health, which is ever more important in our lives and healthcare. It's starting to revolutionise how doctors treat and how we can care for our health and well-being.

It's not about how many billions of dollars were invested in the latest health-tech startup. Sure, this can show trends. But it's much more important to understand how digital health works and how it connects to medicine. Therefore this connection is the centrepiece of Medical Notes.

This publication is designed as a weekly newsletter. But it also has a growing directory of past issues so you can read all of them. Most importantly, you can choose whether you want to receive email or read issues online (or both).

I usually send it on Sundays, although sometimes life and medicine get in the way and send it later.

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Medical Notes is written by me, Martin Verbic. I’m a medical student from Slovenia and this newsletter stems from the love of medicine, writing and web development.

I created it because that's what’s been missing in my med student life.

I occasionally tweet and regularly share longer posts on LinkedIn. You can find a synthesis of everything I do online on my personal website and blog.

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