Navigating the AI Revolution in Healthcare

An independent publication distilling the most fascinating developments of AI in healthcare.

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the world. It's making waves across all industries, and the impact on healthcare is undeniably transformative. For example, the number of doctors obviously doesn't follow the rising number of patients. If something doesn't change dramatically, the quality of care will drastically fall.

One of the possible solutions is leveraging AI to help us. Therefore, doctors (and patients) of the future will have to understand it and use it to their benefit.

Why Medical Notes?

There's an overflow of news and information about AI, including its applications in healthcare. A lot of it is hypothetical. Medical Notes attempts to curate concrete medical research of AI and summarize it effectively, so you can benefit.

Medical Notes strives to be the beacon for medical student, doctors and tech enthusiasts navigating the AI-driven healthcare landscape.

Here's what you can expect: A weekly summary of a free AI original research from a credible and open-access journal. Each post includes:

  • TL;DR: For when you're extra busy.
  • Summary: A concise rundown, giving you the essence of the research.
  • Impact: My insights about the paper's topic.
  • The Original Research: A link if you want to dive deeper.

That's about it. Each post takes no more than 5 minutes to read. Sounds good? If you want, you can also get it to your inbox by subscribing below. No fluff. No spam. Always signal over noise.

Origin story

Medical Notes started in March 2020 during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. After searching for the place under the sun, I started to follow the developments in digital health and publish them online. You can see the results in the archive.

As you can see, the last article was published in July 2022. I then took a siesta from writing about digital health to focus on other projects.

Since then, AI has become available to the general public and I became a final year medical student. Together with a reborn urge to write, I decided to restart Medical Notes, this time focused on AI research papers impacting medicine and healthcare. Let's see how it goes!