An independent newsletter distilling the most fascinating developments in digital health.

Digital health is ever more important in healthcare and medicine. It's starting to revolutionise how doctors treat and how patients interact with their health. Understanding it will be key for the doctors of the future.

The purpose of Medical Notes is to educate. It teaches medical students and doctors how digital technology is used in medicine. This connection between them is therefore the centrepiece of every Medical Notes issue.

You can expect an email every week or so, depending on how much time medical school allows me to devote to it. There are two types of emails you can expect:

  • A 3-minute weekly email with 3 resources about AI, blockchain and digital solutions in healthcare. They're never published online, so only subscribers get them.
  • Longer posts about a specific area of digital health. These are published online and sent to your inbox.

Origin story

Hello friend!👋

I’m Martin (see website), a medical student from Slovenia and the creator, writer and developer of Medical Notes. Yep, everything from the ground up. It’s a fun side-project I have to keep my mind off my studies.

I always felt the need to do and try other things. That's why I took on creating this publication to learn to code and write better.

I started Medical Notes in March 2020, during the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was first a general medical newsletter called Sunday MashUp in a much different form.

Over time, I found digital health to be the most attractive topic I wrote about. It has potential in every area of medicine. But Sunday MashUp seemed too limiting, so I used up a spare domain and created Medical Notes.

It's an intersection of my main interests - medicine, technology, and writing. But a vital part is also 100% independence. I don’t rely on outside funding, on writing platforms such as Medium or Substack nor on Google to track your clicks. Instead, it runs on and with open-source tools, such as Ghost and Plausible.

I pour everything in quality writing, awesome user experience, great design and your privacy. It’s constantly developing, improving and growing. I hope you join us on this journey.

I hope Medical Notes will inspire you to embrace digital health, trust it to solve your needs, and maybe even start a blog or newsletter.

If you have a question, send an email or DM me on social media. I read 100% of the emails and try to reply to all of them.


Is Medical Notes really free?

Yes. You can access all previous posts for free and receive future ones via email when you sign up.

How can I support Medical Notes?

If you want, you can always decide to support Medical Notes by buying me a coffee.

How often do you send emails?

About once per week. Either you'll receive a 3-minute email with 3 resources about digital health or a longer issue examining a particular area in detail.

How do you ensure privacy?

The platform used (Ghost) to run Medical Notes is open-source and managed by myself - no third party included. Additionally, I don't use any Google products that would track you across different sites. Medical Notes is 100% Google-free.