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US-based digital health startups made $30 billion in 2021. Yet medical students don’t learn about it in medical school.

My conviction is we should. That number means that digital health will be a part of our jobs in the future. It’s only right that we know how to interact with and interpret it.

That's why I created Medical Notes. To give medical students and doctors an easy and short way to learn about digital health.

It's exactly what I would've wanted to read every week as a medical student. And so do 250+ others.

Martin Verbic

Martin Verbic

Author of Medical Notes


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Edmund Farrar
Edmund Farrar

A really interesting mix of the latest in clinical medicine, scientific research and digital health.

Doctor, Oto Health

Paulina Cecuła
Paulina Cecuła

Great content for anyone interested in the future of medicine. It helps me stay on top with interesting perspectives on an impressive range of topics.

Medical student, Dama Health

Hugo Duarte
Hugo Duarte

Unique and very informative. A must for anyone in the healthcare field who cares about the impact of technology in the future.

Diagnostic Radiographer, Track Athlete