Artificial Intelligence

Applications of artificial intelligence in medicine are immense. From analysing large data sets to helping clinicians diagnose and automating healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence Mar 25, 21

Why AI Will Not Take Over Radiology

We can often read and hear AI will have the greatest impact on radiology. That radiologists will even be replaced with AI. These were my thoughts exactly, until I dug a little deeper with this article.

Coronavirus Jan 17, 21

How Tech Stood Up Against COVID-19?

It’s about one year since the SARS-CoV-2 was first identified. And I know we’ve been reading and hearing about it from all perspectives. Even on several occasions in my newsletters. There’s been a lot of hype in those issues. Now it’s time to sober up a bit!

Artificial Intelligence Dec 08, 20

How DeepMind Solves 3D Structures of Proteins?

Scientists were trying to solve this one problem for 50 years. And we have the privilege to live in an era in which it was solved. Scientists can now computationally determine the 3D structures of proteins.

Brain Nov 23, 20

Using Technology For Battling Dementia

Leveraging technology for battling dementia is a good idea. Especially given that we know next to nothing about how to treat it the old fashioned way. Might as well use tech.

Artificial Intelligence Sep 13, 20

Artificial Intelligence In Clinical Trials

New standards for designing trials that include AI were introduced in top journals. CONSORT-AI and SPIRIT-AI are the start of a new era in clinical trials.

Sleep Jul 26, 20

Treating Insomnia and Autonomy On Call

An overview into how we can treat insomnia and how IBM is entering digital health by developing autonomous systems to help doctors be doctors.

Meta Jun 29, 20

Mashup of MashUps on a Monday

Not your usual Sunday MashUp. It was sent on a Monday and it doesn't contain all the usual resources. Instead it includes previous issues.